Platz is a Valencian alternative rock band formed by Massad Kassab (vocals and guitar), Daniel Biot (drums), Lucas Calpe (guitar), and Izan Navarro (bass). Platz was created in 2020, when its members were just 15 years old. Their first work was the EP ‘Todo el mundo tiene sueño,’ which already allowed them to dream big, getting featured on prominent radio programs and embarking on a concert tour through various venues, consolidating their indie sound enriched by diverse influences.

In 2023, they pre-released ‘Prochaska y Diclemente,’ their first full-length album, with a concert at Loco Club in Valencia that sold out all available tickets. With ‘Calprotectina’ (2024), Platz consolidates their commitment to a distinctive sound and a growing intensity that increases along with the band’s trajectory and experience.

The Valencian alternative rock quartet Platz presents their second studio album, ‘Calprotectina,’ a collection of thirteen songs, three of which have already been released as singles: ‘Estás tan raro,’ ‘Odio por odio,’ and ‘Juanma.’ ‘Calprotectina’ will premiere live at Loco Club in Valencia on Friday, March 1, with tickets already on sale.

‘Calprotectina’ offers a powerful sound and a generational manifesto in its songs, addressing some of today’s major issues: anxiety and attention to mental health, concern for the future, fluid relationships, and their dissolution. In this second work, Platz cements their presence on the indie scene and confirms their prominent role in the generational renewal of the music scene, with an indie sound that draws from multiple influences and ultimately possesses an overwhelming personality and freshness.

The new album features lyrics and compositions by Massad Kassab and is produced by Uve Martínez at Pandemonium Studio. ‘Calprotectina’ was recorded at Casafont Estudio with Ramon Pujol and Ramon Franch, and mastered by Enrique Soriano at Crossfade. The cover, photographs, and graphic concept are by Assad Kassab.