Formed in late 2021 in Valencia, Spain, Gazella defines itself as a band with clear creative ambitions, free from prejudices and unafraid of experimenting and producing new sounds.

This premise has led them to compose, produce, and record ten original tracks in a short period, which they brought to the stage in April 2022.

Gazella draws from diverse sources, ranging from the early 90s shoegaze and dream pop of bands like Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, to the motorik rhythms typical of CAN or NEU! As fans of Radiohead and DIIV, this variety of styles is cohesively blended with refined electronic melodies.

These sounds inspire Gazella to address themes such as personal dilemmas and self-belief, happiness through liberation, and the exploration of the dream world in their lyrics.

The band consists of (in the photo, from left to right): Raquel Palomino (22, vocals), Mauro Llopis (29, bass), Alba Raja (27, guitar and synths), Adrián Camáñez (33, guitar and synths), and Lluisen Capafons (26, drums and vocals).