Los Planetas’ first LP turns thirty in 2024. It is not only praised as one of the essential albums to understand the evolution of contemporary popular music in our country, but also as a record that, three decades later, continues to connect with audiences beyond nostalgia and references.

To prove this, Los Planetas have embarked on a celebratory tour that will make a stop on May 19 at Deleste Festival. Like the other shows on the tour, this one will be both exclusive and limited, performing the album in its entirety from start to finish, “faithfully adjusting instrumentation, arrangements, setlist, and other concert elements to the original concept, in pursuit of a direct experience that guarantees the audience the feeling of freedom and future that the album radiates,” as stated in the tour’s press release.

Javier Aramburu, the brilliant creator of the graphic universe of “Super 8,” which is still recognizable today, will also be responsible for the tour’s visual identity, adding an extra touch to this unique experience.